Prix la Vague ACIC / ONF – Best Acadian Short Film
Festival international de cinéma en Acadie
2020 – Une façon d’être ensemble
2016 – Cafétéria

Prix UnisTV – Best Franco-Canadian Film
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma
2019 – Noah, 18 ans
2016 – Cafétéria

Les Éloizes
2022 – ‘Artist of the Year’ Finalist, Media arts – Une façon d’être ensemble
2016 Prix du public Radio-Canada – Cafétéria

2020 – Festival international de cinéma francophone en Acadie

The La vague ACIC / ONF prize for Best Acadian Short Film is awarded to UNE FAÇON D’ÊTRE ENSEMBLE by Francine Hébert (Acadie). The jury was won over by this intimate portrait of a family striving to share its music and acadian traditions with the entire world. The jury was particularly touched by the honest representation of parents overcoming obstacles related to education in this modern world, as well as the inspiration that transpires by their determination to instill independence, discipline and appreciation of the arts in their three young girls.

Members of the jury : Meryam Joobeur, Ara Ball, Marc-André Charron

2019 – Rendez-vous Québec cinéma

The Franco-Canadian jury awards this prize to a film with a fair and benevolent tone about a young adult in the making who assumes his identity with an assurance loaded with freshness and sincerity.  

The universal characteristics of this non-judgmental and non-biased portrait makes us question the acceptance of others, regardless of their origins and choices. The film’s artistic choices corresponds with that of its main character: the framing and staging highlights this atypical and assertive human.

The fundamental word given to visible and invisible minorities, the directing quality as well as the finesse of the narrative have convinced us that the the Best Franco-Canadian Film award should be given to the intimate and optimistic look of… NOAH, 18 ANS by Francine Hébert.

Members of the jury : Marcelle Lean, Guillaume Sapin, Marie Franchin

2015 – Festival international de cinéma francophone en Acadie

For its human and intimate approach with the characters, their communities and the issues they face; for the importance of the subject matter here in Acadie, but across the country as well; for the quality of the entire project, all the more seeing as it is a first film; the prize for the La Vague ACIC / ONF Best Acadian Short film is awarded to CAFÉTÉRIA by Francine Hébert.

Members of the jury : Mélanie Léger, Guy Édouin, Maxence Bradley

2016 – Rendez-vous Québec cinéma

It is a pleasure to award the Best Franco-Canadian Film prize to a filmmaker of great talent that directed a truly well crafted first film in terms of both substance and form. The theme, that draws us into a community that is keen for change, shares an inspiring message on many fronts for the whole of Canada’s francophonie.

Members of the jury : Marc-François Tremblay, Julia Lauzon, Julie Demers

Prix La Vague : Best Acadian Short Film – FICFA 2015
Photo : Louis-Philippe Chiasson / FICFA
La Vague Award : Best Acadian Short Film – FICFA 2015
Photo : Rachel Allain
with Maryse Chapdelaine, Producer, ONF
Prix du public Radio-Canada, Les Éloizes 2016
Photo : Benoît Bourque

screenings / official selections

A Way of Being Together

Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma    Montréal
Festival acadien de Caraquet / Cinéma du Centre  Caraquet
Festival international de cinéma francophone en AcadieMoncton
Cinema on the BayouLouisiane
FIN Atlantic International Film FestivalHalifax
FIN Kids – AIFFMaritimes
Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois et francophoneVancouver
Ahmedabad International Children’s FestivalInde
Älvsbyn Film Festival Sweden

Noah, 18 years old

REGARD Festival international du court-métrage Saguenay
Festival international de cinéma francophone en Acadie Moncton
FIN Atlantic international film festival Halifax
FIN Kids – AIFF Maritimes
Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec Québec
Rendez-vous Québec Cinéma Montréal
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Festival 48 images seconde France
MALMO International LGBTQ+ Film Festival Suisse
Älvsbyn Film Festival Suède
CinéFranco Toronto
Cinémental Winnipeg
Festival Filministes Montréal
Festival de cinéma sous les étoiles Montréal
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Acadie Love Caraquet
Sommet Affiche tes couleurs Bathurst
Festival Cinémacadie Barachois
Far Out East Cinema Moncton
Charlottetown Film Festival Charlottetown
Silver Wave Film Festival Fredericton
CBC Reel East Coast – Atlantic television broadcast
UnisTV – national television broadcast


Festival international de cinéma francophone en AcadieMoncton
Rendez-vous Québec CinémaMontréal